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Prices for Tee-Shirt Quilts

Your Memories Made into Tee-Shirt Quilts
Description Size Number Tee-Shirts Cost Shipping
Twin Size Appx 60"x 80"     30-40 $175.00 $15.00
Queen Size Appx 92"x 100"   50-60 $300.00 $15.00
King Size Appx 100"x 112" 60-80 $375.00 $15.00

Interesting Facts About T-Shirts

In the early 1980s nearly every T-shirt that was worn in America was made in America by Americans. Unfortunately, because of social, environmental and political agendas textile mills were closed down, and thousands of textile jobs were forced to go overseas.

The average American disposes of approximately 65 pounds of clothing in one years’ time, and 5% of the trash that is disposed of is in the form of textiles. Before you dispose of any shirts or T-shirts and increase the environmental impact why not turn those old T-shirts and the memory keepsakes!

Memory Quilts and T-Shirt Quilts

T-Shirt Quilts and Memory Quilts make for awesome anniversary gifts, high school and college graduation gifts, Christmas gifts and even birthdays. T-shirt quilts can be used for wall decorations, bedcovers, furniture drapes or even a warm and cozy cover while you're watching TV.

Personal Customization

To further enhance your T-shirt quilts I can add in embroidery such as names and anniversary dates. Additionally, I can print pictures (8 x 10) on fabric paper to further enhance the personalization of your T-shirt quilt.

How Many T-Shirts You Will Need

In the above pricing chart, I have given recommended amounts, however; the amount of T-shirts is very broad. It depends on the size of images on the T-shirts. If I have left over T-shirts from your T-shirt quilt, I will contact you and ask what you would like to do with them. Most of the time I send them back with the finished quilt. However, sometimes people like to add in a wall hanging or throw quilt (for an additional cost).

Backing your t-shirt quilt is part of customizing it. I can back your quilt with nearly anything you would like for example tie-dye fabric, fleece fabric, flannel, solid colors or different prints the choice is up to you.

Preparing Your T-Shirts

Before sending your T-shirts to me please ensure that they are washed and dried! I do not want any stinky T-shirts to work with. If I have to wash your T-shirts an additional $25 fee will be assessed. Using a piece of chalk number your T-shirts in the order you would like them used in. The numbering does not affect the design of the quilt only the importance of the T-shirt. For example, T-shirt labeled with a #1 will definitely be used. T-shirt labeled with a #15 will be used if there is room on your T-shirt quilt.

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