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Where Every Quilt Helps a Cancer Patient

Prices for Custom Made Quilts

Gift a Quilt requires 1/2 of each quilt cost be paid before production of your quilt can begin. The remainder before your quilt can be delivered. Fabric cost per quilt changes depending on the complexity of the pattern that you chose. Each quilt has a minimum of $125.00 in Fabric, Batting, and Backing. The amount of love given to the person you have chosen who is currently fighting cancer depends on the size of the quilt you order.

Custom Made Quilt Prices
Description Cost Shipping
Minki Blanket (20" X 20" Car Seat Size) $35.00 $10.00
Throw & Lap Blankets $50.00 $10.00
Baby Crib Size $75.00 $10.00
Twin Size $175.00 $10.00
Full Size $275.00 $12.00
Queen Size $300.00 $13.00
King Size $375.00 $14.00

A complex pattern such as a Double Wedding Ring, or other complex pattern will be a minimum of $700.00 due to the amount of fabric that has to be purchased to make the more complex patterns is between $400.00 and $500.00 and up for a Queen Size.

You are welcome to purchase the fabric for your quilt on your own, and mail it to Gift a Quilt, along with a copy of the receipt with the store name and fabric cost on the receipt. Gift a Quilt will adjust the cost of your quilt accordingly. However, this will result in the amount of love given to the cancer patient that you have chosen, being lesser, or possibly more. Depending on what you have spent on fabric if Gift a Quilt has to purchase any additional fabrics.

So if you feel that Gift a Quilt prices are too high, I agree with you. If you feel you should get a discount because we are friends, or we went to school together, or even because we have worked together. You are absolutely right. However, every discount takes away from the love given to the person you have chosen who is currently fighting cancer. If you chose not to chose a cancer patient, one will be chosen for you. Gift a Quilt is sorry, this is not an option. Every quilt with a profit of $100 or more helps someone fighting cancer.

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