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A Gallery of Quilt Works

  • Around the World-2
  • Around the World Sheet Backed Quilt
  • Block Quilt
  • Brittanys Quilt
  • Broken Double Wedding Ring
  • Bubbles Quilt
  • Double Wedding Ring-2
  • Double Wedding Ring
  • DW Foot Warmer
  • Heathers Cheveron Quilt
  • Hunter Picture Quilt
  • Owens Cheveron Quilt
  • Razorback Fleece Quilt
  • Satin Aplique Quilt
  • Sorority Tee-Shirt Quilt
  • Tee-Shirt Throw Quilt
  • Under the Sea Quilt
Around the World-21 Around the World Sheet Backed Quilt2 Block Quilt3 Brittanys Quilt4 Broken Double Wedding Ring5 Bubbles Quilt6 Double Wedding Ring-27 Double Wedding Ring8 DW Foot Warmer9 Heathers Cheveron Quilt10 Hunter Picture Quilt11 Owens Cheveron Quilt12 Razorback Fleece Quilt13 Satin Aplique Quilt14 Sorority Tee-Shirt Quilt15 Tee-Shirt Throw Quilt16 Under the Sea Quilt17

Above you can click to see examples of Quilts, Baby Blankets, T-Shirt Quilts, and Memory/Picture Quilts. Some of the quilts were made as gifts; some were made to be raffled off at fundraisers for people who are fighting cancer. If you see a quilt that you like, send me a picture of it, and if I can find a pattern for it, I will try to make it in the colors you chose. I will also be happy to use your photographs, and make them into 8 x 10 pictures that can become a memory quilt. I will also make embroidered memory quilts, you give me a list of events and dates, and I will arrange them in the quilt blocks of any quilt pattern that you chose. Also, as you look through the pictures, you can see that I am selling a few quilts for a friend, these are labeled as not the work of Gift a Quilt. I will never add my name to another person's work and call it my own. Thank you for visiting Gift a Quilt. "You make it Possible."

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