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Where the Quilt you Order, thanks someone that you know who is fighting Cancer

Not a Fabric Store, I Don't Sell Fabric
Just Making Quilts To Help Cancer Patients
  • Around the World Sheet Backed Quilt
  • Block Quilt
  • Brittany's Quilt
  • Broken Double Wedding Ring Quilt
  • Bubbles Quilt
  • Double Wedding Ring Quilt
  • Double Wedding Ring Quilt 2
  • Double Wedding Foot Warmer
  • Heather's Quilt
  • Hunter Photo Quilt
  • Owen's Quilt
  • Razorback Fleece Quilt
  • Satin Aplique Quilt
  • Sorority T-Shirt Quilt
  • T-Shirt Throw Quilt
  • Under the Sea Quilt
  • Around the World 2 Quilt
Around the World Sheet Backed Quilt1 Block Quilt2 Brittany's Quilt3 Broken Double Wedding Ring Quilt4 Bubbles Quilt5 Double Wedding Ring Quilt6 Double Wedding Ring Quilt 27 Double Wedding Foot Warmer8 Heather's Quilt9 Hunter Photo Quilt10 Owen's Quilt11 Razorback Fleece Quilt12 Satin Aplique Quilt13 Sorority T-Shirt Quilt14 T-Shirt Throw Quilt15 Under the Sea Quilt16 Around the World 2 Quilt17

Above you can click to see examples of Quilts, Baby Blankets, T-Shirt Quilts, and Memory/Picture Quilts. Some of the quilts were made as gifts; some were made to be raffled off at fundraisers for people who are fighting cancer. If you see a quilt that you like, send me a picture of it, and if I can find a pattern for it, I will try to make it in the colors you chose. I will also be happy to use your photographs, and make them into 8 x 10 pictures that can become a memory quilt. I will also make embroidered memory quilts, you give me a list of events and dates, and I will arrange them in the quilt blocks of any quilt pattern that you chose. Also, as you look through the pictures, you can see that I am selling a few quilts for a friend, these are labeled as not the work of Gift a Quilt. I will never add my name to another person's work and call it my own. Thank you for visiting Gift a Quilt. "You make it Possible."

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