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Where the Quilt you Order, thanks someone that you know who is fighting Cancer

Not a Fabric Store, I Don't Sell Fabric
Just Making Quilts for Cancer Patients

"You make Fighting Cancer Possible"

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I love to sew, I guess you could say it is in my blood. My mother loved to sew, until she was diagnosed with cancer. My Grandma, on my dad's side, also loved to sew until she lost her fight against cancer. My dad's sisters all still love to sew. I love the quality that comes with a home made item. I believe in supporting this great country I was born in. "Made in America" means Quality, and Care went into the making of your new quilt.

Many years ago quilts were heavy, even though they were thin. The quilts I make at Gift a Quilt are not heavy. The batting (Fabric that goes between the top and the backing) manufactures have gone away with the heavy batting. I use a Bamboo/wool blend, that allows more warmth, without as much weight.

How do I chose the quilt you will recieve?

I don't, because you do. Look around on Pintrest, or another site that has quilt paterns. If you can find a picture of a quilt that you would like to own, and if you can email me a picture of that quilt, Please let me know the site you found it on, because I will try to find a pattern and make the quilt for you. If I can not make the quilt, I will be honest with you, and not waste your valuable time.

What if I don't live in Fort Smith, Arkansas?

If you live in an area that is away far from Fort Smith, Arkansas you can still pick out your fabrics. There are a Handcocks Fabrics store and 2 Walmart Super Centers that sell fabric here in Fort Smith. All you will need to do is use your cell phone to take a picture of the white lable on the end of the bolt of fabric, tell me the store you found it at, and I will go and pick up the fabric. Or another option is you can purchase the fabric and mail it to me, with a reciept, or a copy of the reciept, and I will deduct that cost from the cost of your quilt.

Remember: The higher the cost of the fabric, the less profit amount we will be able to give to someone who is fighting cancer. Gift a Quilt is not a Brick and Morter store. I work in my home, on my days off from my secular employment. Because of this I do not keep a stock of fabric on hand. One day I hope to open a store that I can also sell fabric from.

How does Gift a Quilt give back?

When an item is purchased from Gift a Quilt, I must ask for 1/2 of the total cost up front, this is so that I can use that money to purchase the materials needed to create your quilt. Then When I have finished your quilt, and you have payed the remainder. I will ask for the name and address of the person that you know who is currently fighting cancer. At that time I will let you know the total cost of fabric and what the profit is that will be going to the person you have named. The money left over after the completion of the item, is where the 25% happens. Because 25% of all money left, will be given in the form of a US Money Order and a card worded "Someone who cares about you purchased a quilt, in your honor, to help cancer patients." "Thank You" Then if the purchaser wishes I will put their name on the card, if they wish not to have it, I will not. Then I mail the U.S.Money Order, and card to the cancer patient who was chosen by the person who purchased the quilt, or other item. The person purchasing the quilt will chose the person who is fighting the battle against cancer, that will receive the Money Order. I do ask for the name and address of the person fighting cancer, so I can send them the money order. Gift a Quilt will never sell the name and address of anyone, to anyone. Not your name, not your loved one's name.

What if the person buying a quilt does not know someone fighting Cancer?

In the event that the person buying a Quilt does not have a loved one fighting cancer, I keep a list of the persons whom I have sent profits to previously, and at random I will chose someone from that list to send the profits to them. I never sell names or information to outside sources. Thank You for your business. "You Make it Possible"

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