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Helping Cancer Patients & People with Autism

Making Quilts for Cancer Patients

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Because there are so many people fighting against different types of cancer, I have felt a calling to help those fighting cancer directly. Instead of helping research efforts, I feel the need to help the patient and their families. On purchases over $100.00 I will donate 25% of proceeds to help a cancer patient. After you purchase a handmade quilt from me 25% of the profits will go to a cancer patient that you choose, and if you do not know anyone fighting cancer I have a long list of names of other cancer patients that have been helped. I make T-shirt quilts, memory quilts, and even heirloom quilts. You can even pick a design and e-mail it to me and I will do my very best to replicate the quilt for you.

Interesting Facts About T-Shirts

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In the early 1980s nearly every T-shirt that was worn in America was made in America by Americans. Unfortunately, because of social, environmental and political agendas textile mills were closed down, and thousands of textile jobs were forced to go overseas.

The average American disposes of approximately 65 pounds of clothing in one years’ time, and 5% of the trash that is disposed of is in the form of textiles. Before you dispose of any shirts or T-shirts and increase the environmental impact why not turn those old T-shirts and the memory keepsakes!

Memory Quilts and T-Shirt Quilts

T-Shirt Quilts and Memory Quilts make for awesome anniversary gifts, high school and college graduation gifts, Christmas gifts and even birthdays. T-shirt quilts can be used for wall decorations, bedcovers, furniture drapes or even a warm and cozy cover while you're watching TV.

Personal Customization

To further enhance your T-shirt quilts I can add in embroidery such as names and anniversary dates. Additionally, I can print pictures (8 x 10) on fabric paper to further enhance the personalization of your T-shirt quilt.

Brignt and Colorful Puzzle Quilts

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Puzzle Quilts are made and sold to support Autism. They are made of colorful fabrics, and each piece is to represent a piece of the puzzle that is inside the mind of an autistic child. About 1 percent of the world population has autism spectrum disorder. This is about 1 out of every 86 children born are affected with Autism.

The different colors and shapes represent the diversity of the people, and their families, living with the condition. The brightness colors signal a hope. A hope that through increased awareness of autism, and through early intervention and access to appropriate services/supports, people with autism will lead full lives able to interact with the world on the own terms.

The size of my Puzzle quilts is throw blanket size. It will fit a child bed very comfortable, or it can hang on the wall to show support. The cost of a puzzle quilt is $75.00 because there is a lot of detail stitching to applique and border each piece if the puzzle. Like with a real puzzle, the outline of each piece can be seen from the solid color back of the quilt.

Helping Autistic Kids with Sensory Body Socks

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A sensory sock is made of Lycra or Spandex fabric. It takes 2 yards of fabric to make 1 Sensory sock, and the fabric runs between $9.95 $17.95 per yard. The more colorful the Lycra/Spandex the more expensive the fabric. I have found that, well the both of the ones that I have made, the children have been drawn to the color red. I do not know if the Color red is significant with Autism, it is a possibility. I also use a Zipper that is the same as like for a sleeping bag, so that it can be zipped from the inside or the outside. That way the parent can unzip if the child is inside, and the child can zip themselves in easily. With the Spandex fabric the Sensory sock gives the child the closed in guarded away from the world feeling, and they can see through the fabric well enough to know that even though they want to be alone, they are not totally alone. They can see but not be seen.

The cost for a Sensory Sock based on the cost of the fabric, plus the $8.00 cost for the Special Zipper. So if I use a solid fabric that cost $9.00 a yard it would be $18.00 fabric, plus $8.00 Zipper and Craftsmanship, $35.00, as mentioned above the Cost increases with the cost of the Fabric choice. As with all items, I request half of the cost upfront for any order, and the other half when completed. The turn around to make a throw blanket size Weighted blanket is 3 days. The turn around to make a Sensory sock is 7 Days (I have to special order the zippers, I can not find a place that carries anything longer than 22 inches in town). The turn around for a Weighted Blanket/Sensory Sock combo is 7 days, unless there is a special request for pattern.. Like the Puzzle quilt that I have pictured. That takes 5 days to make because of the complex stitching. The Puzzle Quilt is throw size, and I do have it for sale for $75.00, it is not weighted. Each picture below has a description when you click on it.

Weighted Blankets for Autistic Kids

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Weighted blankets are because an Autistic child needs to feel safe, and a hug always help every child feel safe. So having the added weight in the blanket helps the Autistic, or any child with behavior problems to feel safe so they can calm their selves and have comfort. It is not about the warmth of the blanket, it is all about the weight.

The blankets are usually made to be weight at 1/10th of the child’s body weight. So if you have a 75 lb child the weighted blanket would need to be about 7.5 pounds of weights. That sounds heavy, but the weights are distributed across the blanket evenly so it is not like having 7 pounds laying on your chest. I can make them in the color and fabric choice that is asked for, and as with any quilt if you see a picture and can email the picture to me, then I will make every effort to recreate the pattern in your colors of choice.

Cost The cost for the Weighted Blanket varies by size. Most are throw blanket size, and those run about $25.00 if I use fabric already on hand. If I have to purchase special color or print fabric the fabric cost will be added to the blanket cost. Also if anyone requests traditional beaded weights, the cost will be raised $5.00 per bag of weights purchased. I currently have a machine washable canvas weight material that I use, at no extra cost.

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